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27 Apr

Share for Good entering a new phase with food added to donation list, aims to collect six million donated items for the underprivileged. Network reaches 60 beneficiary organisations, S.F. Express (Hong Kong) joins to strengthen delivery capacity

While the fifth wave of COVID-19 has begun to show signs of easing, its impact on Hong Kong continues to be felt by the public, in particular the underprivileged, who are finding it increasingly difficult to afford three basic meals. New World Development therefore announced today that its large-scale crowd-donation platform, Share for Good, is entering its second phase. The number of beneficiary organisations has increased to 60 in the second phase of the initiative, and five food items have been added to the donation needs list: rice, cooking oil, noodles, canned food and biscuits. Share for Good aims to collect six million donated items in the second phase to offer comprehensive support for the unprivileged. S.F. Express (Hong Kong) Limited (SFHK) has joined Share for Good in the second phase as a logistics partner, further increasing the efficiency of the platform’s distribution capability.

Adrian Cheng: The pandemic has eased, but more support is needed as our society is still on its way to a full recovery.

New World Development CEO Adrian Cheng said, “We are grateful for the support from individual and corporate donors for Share for Good in the past month. While the pandemic is starting to ease, our society is still far from a full recovery, as shown by the increase in the unemployment rate, commodity prices and other ‘aftermaths’. During this time, the underprivileged are the worst hit. We are therefore launching the second phase of Share for Good, focusing on collecting food donations. We hope more people and corporations will show their support and bring a touch of warmth to the underprivileged.”

Food Prices Climb – Five Food Items Added to the Donation List for the Underprivileged

Since its launch in mid-March, Share for Good has worked closely with each participating beneficiary organisation, while also monitoring the impact of the pandemic on society. According to a Consumer Council research study on supermarket prices, published this month, the average price of groceries increased by 4.2% from January to March, with dried food prices increasing even more. Furthermore, non-profit organisations participating in Share for Good have found that there has been a shift in the most needed items, from anti-epidemic supplies to meals, with 1.2 million fast food restaurant cash coupons currently being requested.

In light of this situation, Share for Good launched the second phase of its initiative and welcomed 26 additional non-profit organisations and social enterprises to the platform, reaching a total of 60 beneficiary organisations. Among them are four organisations focusing on food needs: Sharing Kitchen HK, Food For Good, Feeding Hong Kong and Foodlink Foundation. In its second phase, Share for Good is also adding cash coupons for personal care products and five food items to its donation needs list, for a total of 16 items. The newly added supplies are rice, cooking oil, packaged noodles, canned food and biscuits. Some of the existing anti-pandemic supplies, including rapid antigen test kits, face masks, cellular SIM cards and supermarket cash coupons, etc. will remain on the list. Share for Good hopes to collect six million donated items of different varieties to meet the everyday needs of, and provide food for, the underprivileged.

Yan Chai Hospital Continues to “Share for Good”

Since the launch of Share for Good, Yan Chai Hospital has been a key partner, providing administrative support and purchasing goods with donations to beneficiaries.  Board Chairman, Paul Ip said, “In response to the fifth wave of COVID-19, the Yan Chai Hospital Board has pledged assistance for the disadvantaged to overcome the tough times together. Yan Chai set up the ‘Yan Chai Anti-Pandemic Fund’ with an immediate appropriation of HK$10 million in March 2022 to support diagnosed and recovered patients with COVID-19, the unemployed from the tourism industry, the elderly, the disabled, foster children and disadvantaged families. In the future, Yan Chai will continue to ‘Share for Good’ with New World Development to spread warmth and care to the community and get through the low tide together with Hong Kong people.”

SFHK Joins Share for Good to Offer Logistics Support

With an additional 26 beneficiary organisations in its second phase, Share for Good announced that it welcomes SFHK as a logistics partner in response to the rise in demand for logistics support and to provide free delivery of supplies to the beneficiary organisations.

Keith Ip, Chief Marketing Officer of S.F. Express (Hong Kong) Limited, said, “SFHK strives to collaborate with various social and corporate organisations, aiming to harness and allocate our company resources to assist people in need. It is an honour for us to participate this large-scale crowd-donation platform Share for Good, launched by New World Development, and to be able to work with many NGOs and other corporate entities. With this creative digital donation platform, SFHK can contribute its self-operated logistics network and express service to provide support for this meaningful initiative and have a positive impact on the local communities.”

The Share for Good platform aims to connect beneficiaries, non-profit organisations and donors. It features a needs list of anti-pandemic supplies compiled by the participating beneficiary organisations. Based on the list, the public can make targeted in-kind donations or cash donations, which will be collected by the platform partner Yan Chai Hospital for the purchase of supplies. The collected or purchased supplies will then be delivered to the beneficiary organisation and subsequently distributed to those in need. Share for Good will continue to pay close attention to the community's anti-pandemic needs to update its donation list and offer more innovative services in a timely manner.

Table 1: 2nd Phase Donation Needs List

1. Rice*
2. Cooking Oil*
3. Packaged Noodles*
4. Canned Food*
5. Biscuits*
6. Rapid Antigen Test Kit
7. Adult Face Mask
8. Child Face Mask
9. Young Child Face Mask
10. Adult Protective Face Shield
11. Child Protective Face Shield
12. Cellular SIM Card 100GB
13. Tablet Computer
14. Cash Coupon - $50 Supermarket Voucher
15. Cash Coupon - $10 Fast Food Coupon
16. Cash Coupon - $50 Voucher for Personal Care Products

*To ensure that all donations meet our food safety standards, Yan Chai Hospital will collect all cash donations for the purchase of food items. In-kind food donations are not available at this time.

Table 2: Newly Joined Beneficiary Organisations (in alphabetical order)

1.Bauhinia Association
2.Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong
3.Community CareAge Foundation
4.Ebenezer School and Home for the Visually Impaired
5.Faith Health Counselling and Training Centre
6.Feeding Hong Kong
7.Food for Good
8.Foodlink Foundation
9.Health In Action
10.Helping Hand
11.Hong Kong Children Charity Foundation
12.Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth
13.Hong Kong Neuro-Muscular Disease Association
14.Hong Kong New Arrivals Services Foundation
15.Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Pilot Scheme on Multi-disciplinary Outreaching Support Team for the Elderly (Kowloon East Cluster)
16.Mental Health Foundation
17.Mother's Choice
18.Sharing Kitchen HK
19.Sowers Action
20.The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong
21.The Chief Happiness Officer Association Limited
22.The Hong Kong Christian Kun Sun Association
23.The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
24.The Hub Children and Youth Centre
25.The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong
26.Woopie Social Enterprises