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1 Mar

New World Group FY2010 Annual Reports Garner International Mercury Awards

New World Group has garnered a number of accolades in the International Mercury Awards organized by the MerComm, Inc. for five consecutive years since 2007. This year, New World Group FY2010 annual reports have been awarded five awards (please refer to the table below) in the 24th International Mercury Awards, manifesting the excellent performance and the high recognition in corporate communications of the Group from the judging panel.




New World Development
Company Limited 
("NWD" or "the Group", 
Hong Kong stock code : 17)

Annual Reports
- Overall Presentation


- Annual Report Cover:
Drawings / Illustrations


New World China Land Limited
Hong Kong stock code: 917)

- Annual Report Interior:
Over 200 pages


- Annual Report Cover:
Typographics / Words


New World Department
Store China Limited
("NWDS", Hong Kong stock code: 825)

Annual Reports
- Overall Presentation:
Department Store



The cover of the NWD FY2010 annual report uses "New World Group" in American Sign Language Alphabet as the main visual. The sign language images appearing throughout the annual report represent the Group's sincerity in serving the public, its commitment in strengthening the two-way communication and understanding with people from all walks of life, just as the all-rounded businesses of the Group covering various aspects of lives of the general public. To match with the Group's 40th anniversary of establishment, all cover images of previous NWD annual reports are showcased in the interior, memorizing the Group's 40 years of development in tandem with our people.

The main visual on the cover of the NWCL FY2010 annual report comprises four characters in Chinese small seal script, "Home.Business.Happiness.Leisure", creating a classical and artistic look. These four characters, together with four visuals of "the screen", "the abacus", "the guqin" and "the tea cup" which symbolize NWCL's dedication to creating quality communities for "living", "working", "culture and entertainment" and "leisure" are used in the four dividers of the annual report, signifying the brand-new life experiences for its customers. The seal and the classical titles displayed in the interior not only represent the accuracy of the financial results of NWCL, but also enhance the aesthetic style of the annual report.

The cover of the NWDS FY2010 annual report shows a happy scene of a family going shopping in a department store, comprising colorful graphics with gold powder toppings, flying butterflies and trendy merchandises, which represent the refreshing and care-free shopping experiences brought by NWDS. The shopping scenarios of the first "NWDS Spokespersons" and the rebranding icon "Hundred Birds Forwarding to the Sun" inserted in the interior demonstrate NWDS's brand image of "Enriching Lifes‧Enriching Characters". The butterflies and the color palettes appearing throughout the annual report piece up the modern and comfortable shopping environment of NWDS branch stores, representing their revamped images and symbolizing NWDS's pursuit of creating fabulous life to its customers and its expectation of the flourishing business development.

The International Mercury Awards was set up by the MerComm, Inc in 1987, with an objective to reward outstanding corporate communications projects. The independent and stringent judging process has made the Awards a highly recognized one. All the entries were evaluated for three times. Therefore, the awardees are undoubtedly the most outstanding communication projects which won the recognition of the industry.