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27 Apr

New World Group annual reports win International Astrid Awards

New World Group's FY2008 annual reports have won the 19th International Astrid Awards, organized by MerComm, Inc, shortly after winning the International Mercury Awards organized by the same organization, proving its effort spent on corporate communication is highly recognized by the panel of judges.

New World Development Company Limited ("NWD" or "the Group", Hong Kong stock code : 0017) FY2008 annual report won the Bronze Award in "Covers: Annual Reports - Photography (People, Place, Products); New World China Land Limited ("NWCL", Hong Kong stock code: 0917) FY2008 annual report won the Silver Award in "Photography: Landscape / Places" and "Annual Report - Overall Presentation - Corporations: Traditional Format Over 160 pages" categories, and Bronze Award in "Photography: Annual Report" category; New World Department Store China Limited ("NWDS", Hong Kong stock code: 825) FY2008 annual report won the Bronze Award in "Covers: Annual Report - Artistic (Graphics / Illustrations)" category.

Mr Adrian Cheng Chi-kong, Executive Director of NWD is very pleased that the Group's annual reports have been awarded with international awards again, "Winning the International Astrid Awards, a renowned global award which is highly recognized by the industries, give us much encouragement. In our perspective, annual reports are one of the critical tools in maintaining corporate transparency as well as relationship with investors. We will continue to enhance the standard of our annual reports by injecting new elements, which gives a new and fresh idea to our readers."

NWD FY2008 annual report utilizes white color as the background color, with photos representing the four core businesses of the Group - property, infrastructure, service and department store on top of a diamond-shaped graphic, signifying the eternity and brightness of the outstanding business results of the Group. The usage of special effects on the four photos forms a unity which demonstrates the synergy of the four businesses.

The creative NWCL FY2008 annual report, with a theme of The Raiders of the Lost Ark, brings the readers to the country-wide network of NWCL in China. The treasure map and telescope visuals on the cover fully demonstrate the theme of the report and bring a fresh feeling to the readers. The high quality photos in the content bring the readers to every single detail of the NWCL projects, which enable the readers to undergo an exciting treasure hunt.

The design of the NWDS FY2008 annual report features a vivid palette with simple patterns. The up-flying rainbow-colored butterflies on the cover represent the diversified and quality services rendered by NWDS that serve to enrich lives and driving a pursuit for a better lifestyle. It also demonstrates an upward trend of NWDS's business development. In addition, the use of yellow color throughout the cover and the content delivers the message of a bright and promising future of NWDS.

The International Astrid Awards not only recognize the annual reports of New World Group, but other communication tools. The television commercials of NWS Holdings Limited ("NWS", Hong Kong stock code: 659) also won the Bronze Award in "Advertisements - Television: Corporate" category, further proving the successfulness of New World Group in corporate communication aspects.

Organized by MerComm, Inc., the International Astrid Awards is considered as the most highly respected and prestigious award by industry peers. The Awards recognizes outstanding communication tools in various fields with an aim to promote excellence in corporate communications. The panel of judges comprises renowned designers, art directors and artists, and every entry would be evaluated three times with a stringent judging process. If no entry scores high enough, no award will be given, thereby enhancing its credibility.