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9 Jun

New World Group’s Humansa Expands its Footprint in the Premium Health and Wellness Market in the Greater Bay Area

  • Newly acquired Noah Healthcare, a premier pediatrics and gynecology specialist, immediately adds 15 outlets
  • Strategic partnership with Visionly, a reputable leader in ophthalmology, will add two additional ophthalmology centers over the next 18 months
  • Humansa will contribute fast growing and recurring revenue to the New World Group post-expansion


Humansa, New World Group’s premium health and wellness brand, announced today that it will expand its presence across the Greater Bay Area, and achieve over 30 outlets this year. Humansa’s team of over 350 health professionals will offer a wide range of services across multiple specialties. Together with our partners, Humansa has served more than 300,000 consumers to date. By further capturing 21 million potential clients within the New World Group ecosystem, Humansa will broaden the reach of its services and contribute a fast growing and recurring revenue stream to the Group.

Humansa’s expansion in the Greater Bay Area is accelerated by the acquisition of Noah Healthcare, a premier pediatrics and gynecology specialist, and its strategic partnership with Visionly, a renowned leader in ophthalmology. The acquisition and partnership will significantly boost Humansa’s growth beyond Hong Kong, to Guangzhou and Shenzhen, solidifying its reputation as a provider of personalized and high-quality health and wellness services.

Mr Don So, Chief Executive Officer of Humansa, said, “Humansa offers consistent and top quality services that can be personalized, which meet the evolving health and wellness needs in the Greater Bay Area. Leveraging our synergies within the New World Group ecosystem, and alongside our new and existing partners, we aspire to expand our footprint in the Greater Bay Area and set new standards for first-class integrated healthcare services.”

Integrating ‘Noah Healthcare’ into the New World Group’s Ecosystem

Ranked amongst the top 100 medical service providers in Mainland China, Noah Healthcare strategically fits into Humansa’s blueprint in the Greater Bay Area by capturing the mid-high-end multi-specialty market. Founded in 2016, Noah Healthcare is a leading provider of comprehensive pediatrics, obstetric and gynecologic, dental, skin, nutrition, and other healthcare services, with 80% of its business located in the Greater Bay Area. As of April 2022, it has 15 mid-high-end clinics supported by over 300 “tertiary level-A” doctors in the mainland, and a strong high-net-worth local client network in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Through the acquisition, Noah Healthcare will become one of Humansa’s key platforms in the Greater Bay Area, driving synergies through each other’s customer base, medical resources, operations, and management optimization. Harnessing Noah Healthcare’s solid foundation and established relationship with its female clientele, Humansa will extend its high-quality healthcare service offerings to this target segment and their families through this acquisition. Apart from the existing service offerings, Noah Healthcare is also entering into eye care and other services. This paves the way for Humansa to leverage Noah Healthcare’s local network and regional expertise to achieve its strategic goal of becoming a leading premium medical services provider in the Greater Bay Area.

Mr Su Wei and Ms Huang Min, Co-founders of Noah Healthcare, said, "Following our rapid growth over the past six years, Noah Healthcare has accumulated successful experiences and rich resources in the field of high-end health services targeting women and children. It is an exciting growth opportunity for us to join the New World Group family under Humansa. As Humansa’s key platform in the mainland, we look forward to further contributing to the development and integration of medical and health services in the Greater Bay Area."

Bolster market leadership in eye care with ‘Visionly’

The partnership with Visionly will broaden Humansa's breadth of specialities into eye care. On the back of Visionly’s leadership in ophthalmology, Humansa will provide eye examination and orthokeratology services in the Greater Bay Area. Over the next 18 months, Humansa and Visionly will build two ophthalmology centers in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Visionly is one of the fastest growing optometry brands in Mainland China. It currently operates the New Vision Hospital along with five optometry clinics, enabling it to holistically fulfil all optometry and ophthalmology diagnosis and treatment needs. Ms Yang Lin, Visionly’s Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, has substantial worldwide pharmaceutical experience and a background in medicine. In 2014, Yang founded Visionly with Professor Zhao Mingwei, a leader in ophthalmology and optometry in China. Working with top academia partners such as Peking University and Wenzhou Medical University, Visionly further expanded its business while contributing to the ophthalmology industry's cross-regional development. By combining Visionly’s knowledge and expertise with Humansa's ecosystem in the Greater Bay Area, the partnership will bring high-quality eye care services to the region.

Ms Yang Lin, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer of Visionly, said, "We have always believed in the market potential of the Greater Bay Area, and we are delighted to partner with Humansa. Supported by the resources of the New World Group ecosystem, our common goal is to build on each other’s strengths and capabilities, while expanding high-quality services and products in optometry. We believe that this collaboration will undoubtedly become an important driving force for our future development.”

Redefining quality specialty healthcare standards

Humansa has previously announced strategic partnerships with Distinct HealthCare and SAINT BELLA as part of its expansion in the Greater Bay Area. In partnership with Distinct HealthCare, Humansa is setting up a 4,000sqm small scale hospital in the Guangzhou Tianhe District, slated to open by the end of 2022. With a focus on premium clients, the new center will provide professional services such as full body checkups, day surgery, and other out-patient services. The anchor partnership with SAINT BELLA aims to provide superior post-natal care and advice for new parents. The first service facility under this partnership was launched in January 2022 at Victoria Dockside in Hong Kong.

Supported by the New World Group ecosystem, Humansa will continue to pursue partnerships with other like-minded partners in the industry to provide high-quality health and wellness services, and to enhance the customer healthcare experience with integrated and personalized offerings.