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13 Mar

New World Development Sponsors HKSAR Government HKCEC Space for Anti-pandemic Storage & Logistics, Helping the Community Fight the Virus on All Fronts

The fight against the fifth wave of COVID-19 has reached a critical moment. In order to support the government’s efforts to combat the pandemic, New World Group has announced that it will fully sponsor a total of more than half a million square feet of space at Phase 2 of the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) as a storage and logistics centre for pandemic-related supplies. Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Management) Limited, a subsidiary of NWS Ltd. (NWS), will provide related support. New World Development (NWD) will bear all rental costs arising from the establishment and operation of the logistics centre.

Adrian Cheng, CEO of New World Development said, “The pandemic is hitting all parts of the community hard as COVID cases soar. Proper storage of anti-pandemic supplies and speedy delivery to people in need is of paramount importance at this moment. The Group’s HKCEC management team will do its best to assist the government, extending professional services for the proper storage of a vast amount of anti-pandemic and relief material so that it’s readily deployable, and providing the logistical support that this will require.”

Since the outbreak of the fifth wave of COVID-19, New World has launched a number of measures to help Hong Kong fight the pandemic. To relieve the tremendous pressure on the public healthcare system, New World last month loaned the government 3.5 hectares of land in Fanling at no charge for the construction of a mobile cabin hospital and made Pentahotel Hong Kong, Kowloon, available as an isolation facility. The Group also took the lead in sending volunteer teams to support the Hong Kong Community Anti-Coronavirus Link and the Hong Kong Volunteers Federation in their community anti-pandemic work.

In addition, the Group has also distributed 300,000 rapid antigen test kits and more than 20 million face masks to the underprivileged. It has donated 70,000 personal protective equipment kits and 10,000 medical-grade oximeters to medical staff, cleaners and staff at age-care homes. During the cold snap in February, the Group urgently arranged 200 outdoor gas heaters for people waiting for services at hospitals, sampling stations in enclosed housing estates, and testing and vaccination centres. The Group has also cooperated with several non-profit organisations to donate more than 10,000 mobile data cards to students from low-income families, allowing them to study at home, and to elderly people living alone, permitting them to maintain contact with social workers and family members.

Through wholly-owned NWS subsidiary FT Life, NWD has also provided Free Covid-19 Diagnosis Benefit and Free Hospital Cash Benefit for Covid-19 Vaccination to 800 taxi and minibus drivers. To relieve pressure on the public healthcare system, Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong, an NWD subsidiary, is launching a series of measures that include providing beds for non-COVID patients referred by public hospitals. More than 100 patients from public hospitals have so far been referred to Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong for medical treatments. Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong also provides outpatient services to those showing mild symptoms of COVID-19, and it will support recovery centres and provide medical services to elderly people with mild symptoms or convalescing post-infection.

To assist infected patients who are quarantined at home and others with medical needs, Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong launched a free online virtual consultation service this month, alongside an initiative that makes it possible for doctors to provide professional medical services to people confined to their homes.

The Group will continue to closely monitor the development of the epidemic situation and the needs of the community, pursuing the spirit of “Creating Shared Value”, do its utmost to provide appropriate support and care to those in need, in order to fight against the pandemic together with the public.