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8 Jun

New World Development Launches HK$10 Million New COVID-19 Initiative with NGOs for the Underprivileged

5,000 Beneficiaries to Receive HK$1,000 Vaccination Grants in Phase 1 of Programme

Today, New World Development announces, as part of its vision of Creating Shared Value (CSV), a new anti-pandemic initiative for the underprivileged. Approximately 5,000 eligible beneficiaries will be receiving a HK$1,000 allowance for vaccination grant and health consultation in the first phase of the initiative, as New World Development aims to help the underprivileged. The new initiative is launched in partnership with three NGOs, which will select and nominate the beneficiaries, and hand out a HK$1,000 as salary or health consultation allowance to each eligible individual starting from the end of June.

At the start of 2020, New World Development established its shared platform #LoveWithoutBorders, set up production lines to create “Made in Hong Kong” medical face mask and invented the “Mask To Go” dispenser. Through partnering with approximately 20 NGOs, the dispensers were installed at 37 designated centres across 18 districts, offering timely and necessary support to those in need. Since May 2020, the Group has also donated a total of 20 million “Made in Hong Kong” masks to the underprivileged. Following the launch of its COVID-19 vaccination programme, Hong Kong has seen a gradual lowering of confirmed cases. However, many NGOs have expressed concern over vaccine hesitancy among the disadvantaged groups, with most individuals quoting livelihood, lack of paid vaccination leave and the extra cost of health consultation as the primary reasons for refusing vaccination. 

Reserves HK$5 Million Vaccination Grants to Support the Underprivileged

In light of these challenges, New World Development is launching the first phase of a vaccination subsidy initiative with Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service, LC-HKS, Society for Community Organisation, and St. James' Settlement. It will cover approximately 5,000 beneficiaries, each eligible for a HK$1,000 grant via the partnered NGOs. Beneficiaries will be selected by the NGOs based on their needs for health consultation or physical examination, paid vaccination leave entitlements, and industries, to ensure that those in need can receive full and immediate support to take part in the COVID-19 vaccination programme. 

Adrian Cheng, CEO of New World Development said, “From pioneering smart dispensers for weekly mask distribution to providing vaccination grants, we strongly believe in working together with NGOs. Through these partnerships, we are able to offer support and subsidies precisely to the communities that are most in need. We look forward to continuing our efforts in fighting against the pandemic with the community.”

New World Development expects to distribute the first subsidy in batches between June and August this year. Eligible beneficiaries are required to have received two doses of COVID-19 vaccine to be entitled to the subsidy. More details of the scheme will be announced shortly by the partnered NGOs. Based on the response, New World Development will set aside HK$5 million for the second phase and invite more NGOs to take part in the programme, offering assistance and support to the wider public.

Employees Receive Two Days of Paid Vaccination Leave and Free Coverage on Vaccination Side Effects

New World Development is in discussion with a number of chambers of commerce, companies and organisations to reinforce their vaccination reward programmes with sponsorships and prizes, with total value exceeding HK$1 million. The Group has also announced that employees who have received both doses of COVID-19 vaccine are entitled to two days of paid leave. For the convenience of its staff, New World Development is also arranging for outreach organisations to provide its employees with free vaccination and will co-organise online seminars with Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital for employees to learn more about the COVID-19 vaccines. In addition, the Group currently offers free vaccination side-effects protection through
FTLife Insurance to all employees. This extra protection does not require any pre-registrations or purchases in advance.

New World Development will closely evaluate the latest developments of the pandemic, and introduce timely measures to help fight against the pandemic together with
Hong Kong.