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25 Oct

The Grand Opening of New World’s Humansa | Victoria Dockside Gathering Experts Across Multi-Disciplinary Practices to Formulate an Integrated Preventative Health and Wellness Centre

Humansa, New World Group’s premium health and wellness brand, announced the grand opening of its flagship, Humansa | Victoria Dockside, conveniently located at the international creative and cultural landmark in Tsim Sha Tsui, Victoria Dockside. The flagship brings together experts from multi-disciplinary practices to formulate an integrated preventative healthcare program in response to customers’ growing focus and demand for healthcare management, working in partnership with the professional medical teams from Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong and United Medical Group (UMP).

To celebrate the grand opening of Humansa | Victoria Dockside, Dr. Adrian Cheng, CEO of New World Development, Mr Don So, Chief Executive Officer of Humansa, Dr. Sun Yiu Kwong, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of UMP Healthcare Holdings Limited, Dr. Kenneth Tsang, CEO of Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong, and Dr. Victoria Tan, Chief Medical Executive of Humansa | Victoria Dockside attended the opening ceremony today.

Adrian Cheng, CEO of New World Development, said, “As a part of the New World Group’s ecosystem, Humansa provides customers with customer-oriented health and wellness experience and services. It has been collaborating with various strategic partners, to create synergy to meet the growing demands of premium health and wellness services in the Greater Bay Area. More people are paying increased attention to preventive healthcare and optimizing health. The opening of Humansa | Victoria Dockside is a major milestone in the steady development and expansion of the New World ecosystem.”

Humansa | Victoria Dockside covers an expansive area of ​over 14,000 square feet, allowing customers to experience an unparalleled health check in ultimate comfort. Upon completion of different examinations, a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare practitioners, including medical doctors, physiotherapists, fitness trainers, dietitians, and other practitioners, will provide their professional consults to formulate a personalized evaluation, allowing them to devise a targeted follow-up improvement plan for the patient. This approach is generally used in hospitals for consultation and treatment of complex diseases, however, Humansa believes that it can be applied to preventive healthcare management to provide personalized health service.

Humansa | Victoria Dockside also provides general medical services such as General Practice services, flu and other vaccinations, wound treatment and other minor surgical procedures etc. Its services cover a wide range of medical and healthcare disciplines, including family medicine, gastroenterology, paediatrics, dermatology, dietetic services, physiotherapy, stretch therapy, massage therapy, podiatry and music therapy. Physiotherapists at Humansa | Victoria Dockside also work with personal trainers to help customers to be at their ultimate fitness levels, with services including sports recovery, rehabilitation, manual therapy, sports massage, exercise prescription, clinical acupuncture, shock wave therapy, clinical Pilates, women’s health (including pre and postnatal), fitness training and yoga.

Cooperate with renowned medical brands to provide integrated services with intelligent Health and Wellness management

At Humansa | Victoria Dockside, we are in collaboration with Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong and UMP to create synergy between the different practices, in order to provide our customers with a truly integrated experience.

The design of Humansa | Victoria Dockside takes a refreshing approach. Overlooking a stunning 270-degree view of the Victoria Harbour, the interior adopts a style that is close to nature and exudes subtle luxury, using bamboo, diatom earth and softwood to create a serene space. The intention of the space has been designed to provide a warm and calming environment, rejuvenating the individual as they come in for their appointment.  A number of facilities are also created to provide a place of restoration, including an expansive gym and shower room; an integrated medical and healthcare area; a physiotherapy area, consultation room and sauna area; and a relaxing lounge. Humansa | Victoria Dockside has attained the platinum certification of the BEAM by the Hong Kong Green Building Council.

Humansa has also launched a new mobile application to remotely provide customers with clear comprehensive health and wellness management recommendations, and tailor-made healthcare plans, including daily exercise guidance, dietary advice and independent professional consultation. With the Humansa mobile app, customers can easily book an appointment and access any healthcare management products and services at anytime, anywhere, as well as allowing patients to easily refer back to the app to fulfil their exercise prescriptions.

Greater Bay Area business will be expanded to more than 30 health and wellness locations

With the support of the New World Group’s ecosystem, Humansa will continue to work with partners who share a common aspiration to enhance customers' healthcare journey through a more collaborative and personalized service model.

In addition, through the deployment of New World Group's customer relationship management, and the group's growing ecosystem of premium customers, Humansa brings high-growth and sustainable business to the New World ecosystem. Humansa has served more than 300,000 customers thus far, and within this year, its business in the Greater Bay Area will be expanded to more than 30 health and wellness locations, continuing to provide comprehensive and premium healthcare services to Hong Kong and other cities within the Greater Bay Area.