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6 Nov

First KidZania in Greater China to Debut at 11 SKIES Introducing nearly 30 renowned brands and seven Hong Kong-Exclusive role-play experiences

11 SKIES, Hong Kong’s first one-stop retailtainment and tourism landmark located in SKYCITY near Hong Kong International Airport, is planning to start trial operation of entertainment experiences by phases from mid-2024. The first phase of entertainment offerings will focus on family experience, featuring the highly anticipated first KidZania in the Greater China. In collaboration with nearly 30 renowned international and local brands, KidZania Hong Kong is introducing authentic occupational experiences, including seven Hong Kong-exclusive role-plays that are unique at KidZania Hong Kong. For more operation and admission details of the trial run, KidZania will announce in due course.

In the three-storey lifelike scaled city, children will explore jobs from around 50 occupational role-plays, allowing them to develop concepts related to personal financing, environmental protection, health and hygiene, etc. from an early age.

Revealing of Seven Career Experiences Exclusive at KidZania Hong Kong

•    First-ever Wealth Management Center in the Region - HSBC
HSBC will provide children the opportunity to explore the basic operation at a bank , experience daily banking activities such as account opening, making deposits or withdrawals of KidZos. Besides, HSBC will establish the first wealth management center in KidZania in the region, which is designed to help children gaining basic concept about money and wealth management, enabling them to make wise financial decisions and become young financial experts.

•    The First Sports Center Infused with Sportsmanship and Wellness for Children in the Region - FTLife Insurance
In the FTLife Expo Center, an EDUtainment sports arena co-created by FTLife Insurance and KidZania, children can turn their sports dreams into reality by playing the roles of professional basketball, football, tennis players and cheerleaders. Their sportsmanship spirit will be inspired in the fun sports games while body and mind will be energized. FTLife will also incorporate practical team building education elements into the games.  

•    The Region's First 5G Smart City Technology Hub - HKT
HKT is set to launch HKT Technology Hub, the first 5G smart city technology workshop in the region, where children can experience the work of a 5G smart city engineer. Simulating the application of 5G technology, they can strategically plan the placement of base stations to ensure optimal coverage for the entire smart city. Children can also get a taste of design thinking, augmented reality (AR), and robot programming, or build smart home systems to enhance daily living, enabling them to learn about smart city development and creating a better future through utilising technology.

•    The World's First Modern Chinese Fashion Studio - SPARKLE by Karen Chan
Hong Kong cultural and artistic fashion brand, SPARKLE by Karen Chan, co-curated the first modern Chinese fashion studio that is exclusive at KidZania Hong Kong. Children will try on mini-Qipaos and modern Chinese chic fashion, and transform themselves into young super models on the fashion runway. Brand founder and Qipao designer Karen Chan designs fun and playful "Nostalgic Hong Kong" themed original patterns full of childhood memories, and collaborates with designers from various sectors to create funky and avant-garde modern Chinese fashion, enabling children to connect with the traditional culture behind the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Qipao.

•    The World's First Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic - Wai Yuen Tong
For the first time at KidZania, collaborating with Hong Kong traditional Chinese medicine brand, Wai Yuen Tong, the traditional medicine cabinet is brought to the scaled city. Children will have the opportunity to engage in the practices of "observe, listen, question and feel the pulse." They will learn to prepare medicines, utilize traditional tools like the "herb scale", and even engage in hands-on pulse diagnosis. This immersive experience will undoubtedly inspire them to embark on a path of becoming aspiring young Chinese medicine practitioners.

•    The World's First Chinese Pastry Bakery - Kee Wah Bakery
Kee Wah Bakery introduces the world's first Chinese Pastry Bakery at KidZania Hong Kong, where kids immerse themselves in a delightful journey of flavors and traditions. They learn about the art of crafting iconic Hong Kong treats such as the mini pineapple bun and mini wife cake with winter melon paste. Through this hands-on experience, they become master bakers while discovering the essence of our rich culinary heritage.

•    The World's First Digital Oral Scanning Experience Center - Modern Dental Group
For the first time, Modern Dental Group brings the state-of-the-art dental technology – Intraoral Scanners to KidZania. Dentistry has evolved significantly over the past decades, with the introduction of numerous advanced equipment and solutions that enhance workflow efficiency and diagnostic accuracy. At the KidZania experience center, Modern Dental Group is dedicated to staying at the forefront of dental technology and are excited to offer children the opportunity to experience the new digital workflow by educating and allowing them to operate the dental intraoral scanners and software.

Combining Hong Kong Local Culture and STEM Education Elements

KidZania Hong Kong is weaving local culture into a range of occupations, such as the music radio station developed in collaboration with the streaming platform MOOV, which showcases local music and the vibrant cultural heritage of Cantonese pop songs.

In line with the future trajectory of innovation and technology, KidZania Hong Kong has co-curated a university with Panasonic to popularize STEM knowledge, and children who complete the courses will be rewarded with a “bachelor’s degree”. Additionally, Vinda will set up a science laboratory where children can engage in scientific experiments, fostering environmental awareness.

Collaborate with Nearly 30 Renowned Brands to Create Realistic Role-Play Environments

KidZania Hong Kong has collaborated with nearly 30 international and local brands, ensuring that children are exposed to the most professional and in-depth knowledge in various industries. The brands include:
•    Finance, insurance, telecommunications and technology: FTLife, HKT, HSBC;
•    Broadcast and streaming media: HOY, MOOV; 
•    Home appliance and technology products: OTO, Panasonic;
•    Healthcare: Mead Johnson, Modern Dental Group, Wai Yuen Tong;
•    Personal care and household hygiene: Dettol, Magiclean, Merries, Vinda;
•    Food and beverage: Kee Wah Bakery, Pizza Hut;
•    Travel and tourism: Cathay, Dorsett Hospitality International;
•    Retail and fashion: Chow Sang Sang Jewellery, SKECHERS, SPARKLE by Karen Chan;
•    General lifestyle and comprehensive services: FOTOMAX, General Security Group, S.F. Express (Hong Kong) Limited, Shell, Tom Lee Music, and more.

Xavier Lopez Ancona, CEO & Founder of KidZania said, “We are honored to collaborate with 11 SKIES and bring KidZania Hong Kong to this unique and groundbreaking retailtainment and tourism destination. With the inclusion of nearly 30 international and local brands, we provide children with the chance to learn while being entertained, creating a fun and thrilling experience for every family. In the future we hope to continue assisting children in all aspects of learning, nurturing their curiosity, and inspiring their potential through role-play, thereby becoming a popular family destination in the Greater China.”

11 SKIES, the Largest Retailtainment and Tourism Landmark in Hong Kong Featuring 8 World-Class Attractions

Situated between Hong Kong International Airport and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, 11 SKIES spans a vast floor area of 3,800,000 sq. ft. It will accommodate over 800 shops, and boast the largest indoor entertainment hub in Hong Kong covering an impressive floor area of 570,000 sq. ft. Among its highly anticipated experiences are the 8 world-class entertainment attractions making their debut in Hong Kong. These include the first KidZania in the Greater China, the city’s first motion flying theater Timeless Fight Hong Kong, and the new Paddington themed indoor family play experience Paddington Play Adventures. These attractions will create unparalleled experiential entertainment for both locals and visitors of all ages.

KidZania has already established its presence in 27 locations worldwide, with over 18 operational sites and more than 100 million visitors.